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Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015

Windy Sun на SurfJam 2015

“…Everything is awesome! Excellent waves for shortboard and longboard! All cool! … “- That is what  Andrey Derevyanko said on the first day of competition at Surf Jam 2015 Surfing festival in Bali.

Such a large scale, interest and appeal of surfing festival in Bali Surf Jam 2015 had not seen before. A record number of sportsmen in discipline of «shortboard-men» , online results translation , the amounts of prizes, a huge number of spectators, great weather, waves and good mood for all the participants of the festival. It’s safe to say – Surf Jam is gradually growing and developing, within each year the interest is increasing!

SurfJam 2015


“SurfJam 2015 – is not just a surfing competition, it’s a festival which we have been waiting for the whole year!”

Preparing for SurfCam 2015 had begun several months earlier. Lots of meetings, dealing with suppliers, manufacturers of various equipment and tools, organization of the place for the festival and competitions, reaching agreement with sponsors, authorities, judges, forming the schedule of events – all that is just a  part of work.  The guys from surf schools Take Off, Wave House and Windy Sun successfully fulfilled all of it. We should also mention the guys who helped to organize activities at Surf Jam 2015 such as accommodation, photo exhibition, film festival, installation of a skate ramp, preparing wonderful prizes for the competitors, lectures about surfing, yoga, fitness, the amazing market, video taping. A big thanks to Alexander Galibey for calculating and tracking the results of the competition online! The huge preparation work of the festival has made it possible to realize Surf Jam 2015 and lead it to a higher level and to remember for a long time. Thanks to all of you guys!

Windu Sun на SurfJam 2015

Competitive part

Surf School in Bali Windy Sun was responsible for the competitive part at SurfJam 2015. All staff of the school was somehow involved into the preparation of the competition. The main surf instructor of Windy Sun Elena Shevchuk, also took a part in the competitions in the disciplines of “shortboard” and “longboard”. Thank you guys, who helped and supported! A few words about the results and the organization of the competition.

Several weeks before the festival, it was clear that the number of guys wishing to take part in competitions is huge and there will not be enough time to manage that. It was decided to conduct the procedure of the draw and qualifying hit sportsmen in the disciplines of “shortboard” and “longboard” the day before the festival.

Жеребьевка соревнований SurfJam 2015

By the time of the draw there had been filed 125 applications from men and women to participate in the disciplines of “shortboard” and “longboard”. This is a record! The biggest number of participants  ever recorded! The draw was held at the hotel “Pondok Pitaya” – before the start of qualifying hits – 11/18/2015. Those who were successful in the Russian competitions during 2015, as well as the finalists of the last Surf Jam 2014 were among the sportsmen in the qualifying heats and did not participate. Other participants were spread in heats at random by a draw.

The competition started with qualification heats early morning of November 19 the 1st round for men in the discipline of “shortbord.” Winners for heats at 1st round moved into the second day of competition, for those who took 2nd and 3rd places in the heats  there was another chance in the 2nd round, where they could compete to access further. Also in the 1st day of the competition there was a qualifying round for men at “longboard”.

Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015

Wonderful weather and great waves, not only on the first day but throughout the Surf Jam 2015 allowed participates to show good surfing and excellent preparation for the competition.

Unfortunately a few sportsmen were not able to start their heats, as they could not get to the competition because of the active volcano or due to an injury.

Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015

2nd day of competition was called as «surfing non-stop». Heats changed one by one, girls swapped guys on the line-up. The round in “shortboard” had hardly finished when was followed with participants in “longboard”.  The struggle and competitive atmosphere could be felt not only among the spectators on the shore but also on the line-up. Many sportsmen followed a strategy just to go out and “ride for fun” but some got nervous and started to change the strategy which negatively affected the results. The results were unexpected. In first quarter-final several strong and experienced surfers had to leave the tournament.

Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015

By the 3rd and final day of the competition the waves coming to Balian became less predictable. Good luck, fortune as well as experience and skills now played a significant role in every heat. In the final heats the best waves came to Georgy Felikidi, Polina Boyarova, Olga Korona and Eugene Isakov, who became winners of SurfJam 2015 in the disciplines of “shortboard” and “longboard”. Congratulations! Also our congratulations to all of the finalists and participants!

Победители в шортборде SurfJam 2015

SurfJam 2015 Results:

“Shortboard”, Boys:

1 place: Georgy Felikidi

2 place: Igor Glazirin

3 place: Sergei Koroteev

“Shortboard”, Girls:

1 place: Polina Boyarova

2 place: Elena Shevchuk

3 place: Irina Kosobukina

“Longboard”, Boys:

1 place: Evgeny Isakov

2 place: Georgy Felikidi

3 place: Igor Glazirin

“Longboard”, Girls:

1 place: Olga Kim

2 place: Elena Shevchuk

3 place: Elena Vtorova

We would like to congratulate our amazing Elena Shevchuk (head surf instructor of Windy Sun surf school in Bali) who consistently rode the discipline of “shortboard” and “longboard” and won the 2nd place in both!

Елена Шевчук - главный серф-инструктор Windy Sun

Winner’s reward ceremony

In the evening after the final heats, winners and finalists of  Surf Jam 2015 were waiting for the award ceremony. Sponsors and partners of the festival prepared lots of gifts and prizes, starting from jewelry and surfing equipment up to surf trips to neighboring islands. The culmination was the announcement of the awarding Hilton Worldwide (main sponsor of Surf Jam 2015). Winners of the “longboard” received 3,000 Singapore dollars and the winners “shortboard “- 5000 Singapore dollars. Moreover Hilton Worldwide (main sponsor of SurfJam 2015) announced that the prize for the next SurfJam 2016 will be 50,000 Singapore dollars!

Награждение победителей в шортборде SurfJam 2015

Such prize will be a great motivation for sportsmen to improve the skills. And we expect much more participants than this year. This will also raise SurfJam to a new level and will attract the attention of an even larger audience. So we are looking forward to Surf Jam 2016!

A bit more about SurfJam 2015

The youngest participant in the qualifying heats was Vova Korotkikh who at the time of Surf Jam 2015 was only 13 years old. He had passed to the 2nd round and was able to prove that surfing among skilled surfers is quite feasible. By the way  Vova surfs only for 1 year. If he trains hard before the next Surf Jam, it will be a strong competitive to the experienced guys.

Самый молодой участник SurfJam 2015

The online program was first tested at Surf Jam 2015. It calculates the result of heats ( It made the work of judges much easier and reduced the time to announce the results, so the participants did not have to wait long and they could prepare for the next heats. By the way, relatives, friends, loved ones and friends could follow the competition online, being in different parts of the world. For such a wonderful program we thank Alexander Galibey!

Онлайн программа отслеживания результатов SurfJam 2015

Summary and conclusions

Competition program of Surf Jam 2015 in terms of the organization was held in a successful and high level (and that’s not only our opinion) but there is always something to improve and we are going to strive towards this. The main shortcomings have been already analyzed and will be corrected in the Surf Jam 2016. The prize fund claimed by Hilton Worldwide (main sponsor SurfJam 2015) of 50 000 Singapore dollars, forces to think about the organizational complexities and nuances associated with the regulation of competition. The number of participants will definitely increase and many new issues will have to be decided by the organizers, but that’s exciting!

See you at SurfJam 2016!

SurfJam 2015

P.S. Thanks to all the photographers and videographers who worked at the festival! You helped to capture and remember a great time!

SurfJam 2015 Windu Sun на SurfJam 2015 SurfJam 2015 Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015 Награждение победителей в шортборде SurfJam 2015 Елена Шевчук (Elena Shevchuk) серф-инструктор Windy Sun Победители в шортборде SurfJam 2015 SurfJam 2015 Surfing in Balian SurfJam 2015 Елена Шевчук - главный серф-инстурктор Windy Sun