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Фото и Видео обучение серфингу


We provide the students with an excellent opportunity to develop your surf skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor to disassemble mistakes and look at at your surf performance from the side. This is possible thanks to this unique “Video & photo training” service.

Humans designed to receive most of the information visually, which is why video & photo coaching gives a “high efficiency” in learning to surf. Thus, watching a video with yourself surf accompanied by instructor allows to get the best idea of ​​what progress has been made already, and over what else should work.

Our surf operator travels with you and film the whole trip. After the trip coach conducts mistake review and analysis of progress and additional briefing. With this approach combining theory and practice you catch a wave and ride better.

While you learn to surf our operator perform professional photography. Photos of you conquering waves will be recorded on a CD or USB device at the end of the course.

Video training takes place in a cozy school room just after returning from a trip, for a total of an hour or two after your surf trip.

Get photos and video of all your classes for just :

1 Photo – Free

Photo – 50 000 IDR per person (2 photo)

Photo – 200 000 IDR per person (all photo from 1 surf lesson)

Photo – 300 000 IDR per person (all photo from all surf lessons)

Video – 100 000 IDR per person (all video from 1 surf lesson or 1 surf trip)