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Ночной серфинг на Бали

Clear sky, moonlight, no wind, little swell, high water level and a great company of like-minded surfers, these are conditions for Bali night surfing!

It is 10 pm. The phone rings.

– “Hello, Lena!” – Me,

– “Hi. Going to ride? “- Asked Lena,

– “When and where?” – I asked to arrange the following day,

– “Today, at 11 PM, at Padma, meeting by the school. There will be a lot of people! Come! “- Says Lena and hang up.

I have never done night surfing in Bali. A bit excited of something new, with a great desire to try to surf in the darkness I make the decision. Got ready and in 10 minutes was on the way. No clouds in the sky, the full moon shining, so that you can turn off the lights and everything will be clear, no wind, made me look forward to a great surfing.

I arrived to the place and saw a few guys who are just like me, decided to try Bali night surf for the first time. We looked at the waves in the ocean and exchanged a few jokes, then prepared the boards, got dressed and moved to the ocean.

Ночной серфинг на Бали

Just before entering the water there was a strange feeling, no one on the beach, the waves are not visible, the moon is shining brightly. But I had a strong desire to try to catch a wave!

After a short warm-up we got into the water. Rowing into the dark I could not see anything except for a few lights of small ships somewhere far away on the horizon. Suddenly in front of me grew a dark stripe. Wave!! Because of the dark it was not clear how far it was from me and what was the size. Only one option is to paddle. So I had time to stay on the line-up, waiting for the others. Gathering together, we discussed and supported each other, as it is so easy to get lost in the water at night.

Although the moon shines brightly and there are some lights and banners along the beach, yet light at night is not enough, the eyes are difficult to adapt to the dark. But that makes surfing even nicer.

OUT!! – Someone shouted, and everyone started paddling into the ocean.

Someone made it, someone got under the wave, and someone started making eskimo-roll in 5 meters to the waves!! Nothing could be seen except for a dark strip that moves towards you. In the dark the eye sight does not play such a big role, actually the other sensations start working: the ears, the feeling of the waves and counting them in the set, sharing tips with other guys who are close by.

Having noticed another dark strip I turned around and started to paddle to the shore in order to catch the first wave of the night, but within one or two strokes the wave lifted me and flowed by. I realized that it was a lot closer than I had imagined. It took me several attempts to get used to the waves. It felt like a long time ago, when I was in a surf school and nothing worked.

I had a look at the ocean and saw the next wave in the form of a dark strip, turned around and rowed! At this point I understood that this was my wave! Long, dark, flat and smooth, the size of the waist, but still great! Reaching almost to the shore I turned and noticed the other two guys sliding down next waves one after another. This is where the fun began! Each one after the other! Someone fell, someone reached the end, but still shouting “Yuhhuu”! It was important not to hit anyone, as it was very difficult to see in the dark!

Almost 2 hours had passed by surfing, not tired, on the contrary with a happy smile! Bali night surf has left only the most beautiful emotions!

Thanks to all night surfers who came to ride!

P.S. The photos are not ours. Were taken for understanding.


26TH and 27Th of November, 2015, around 20 a brave surfers catched the night waves !

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