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How to wax a surfboard

There is no need to explain what is the wax for surfboard (surf wax) to people who have already tried surfing.
But it will be interesting for beginners and those who are only going to learn how to surf.

Surf wax or “blacking” is actually the wax, which is rubbed into the upper surface of the surfboard. It prevents slipping, provides the necessary grip of your legs with a surfboard.

The surf wax is divided into 4 types (depending on the temperature of the water in which you are about to ride):
– For tropical latitudes (tropical)
– For warm water (warm)
– For cool water (cool)
– For cold water (cold)

Воск для серфинга

Typical surf wax is white, but in surf shops you can find colored wax and even fluorescent.

Флуорисцентная вакса для серфинга

Speaking of the shape it can be round, rectangular, square, corrugated (even in the form of a female breast)

Формы воска для серфинга бывают самых необычных форм

How to choose the surf wax

To get the best effect you need to choose the right type of surf wax.
You only need to know the temperature of water (it is enough to know the average temperature of the water at a particular location at the selected time of the year. For example in Bali the average annual water temperature is 27 C). Therefore the type of surf wax Bali would be the tropical one.
So what type of is suitable for water temperature:
– Tropical – the water temperature is +24C or more
– Warm – the temperature of water + 18-23C
– Cool – temperature of water + 14-20C
– Cold – the temperature of water + 16C or less

Воск для серфа для разной температуры воды

As seen from the above, the wax for cool water can sometimes be used in both warm and cold water.

Speaking of surf wax where to buy in Bali, there are many manufacturers of surf wax and each has its own recommendations for use. Therefore it is always better to buy the wax in the area where you are planning to ride, the local dealer will recommend the most suitable option.

How to wax a surfboard
To wax surfboard is a kind of art! And whether it has been done correctly, will directly affect the amount you the waves you are about to catch!

At first you need to remove the old wax and dirt (if the board is new, then you can immediately start to wax surfboard). To make wax softer you can leave the board under the sun for 20 minutes (but do not let it become too liquid and begin to flow).

Now proceed to cleaning up the board. It is better to use the flat side of the comb.

Гребень для воска

You can also use various liquids to remove the surf wax. The use of such liquids will completely clean off the wax and remove all of it from the board. This magical liquid you can find at any surf shop.

Раствор для снятия старого воска с серфа

When the old surf wax layer is erased and the board looks like new you can start the process of rubbing.

Stage I – the base layer

Take a piece of surf wax and apply it on the upper surface of the surfboard at first in straight lines along and then across the board (you should get a “grid”). Wax should be kept at an angle of 45 degrees.
If you have just begun to ride a  surfboard, then wax 3/4 of the board, moving from tail to nose.

Нанесение воска на серфборд

Stage II – the basic layer

The base layer should be applied over the base one in solid lines along the upper surface of the surfboard. Try to apply the surf wax evenly, avoiding gaps and clots.
Do not forget to wax the sides of the board as this helps in taking off and duck-dive.

Нанесение основного слоя ваксы на серфборд

Stage III – “combing”

It is necessary to put one more layer as a “grid” (with toothed side of the comb).  Apply the diagonal stripes over the wax in different directions (but not too much and do not press too hard).

Combs can be also used to “refresh” the board if it had already been grated.
Surf wax should be kept in a plastic box so that it does not get dirty or melt.

"Расчесывание" ваксы

What you should not do:
1. Leave the surfboard in the sun (the surf wax will melt).
2. Lay the surfboard on different sides of the bag (surf wax will stick to both sides).
3. Rub both sides of the surfboard (all of a sudden there will be willing!)
4. Apply the new surf wax on top of the old one, if it has dirt or sand (it will scratch the surfboard)
5. Pressing too hard with the comb (this may damage the surfboard)
6. Lay the surfboard on the sand with grated side (you will probably regret it in water)

Have a great surfing guys!