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Bali surf spots Uluwatu

Uluwatu is one of the most famous surf spots in the world.

To catch some waves here or even pipes means to increase your level of surfing. This place is like a litmus test, checks your endurance, professionalism, reaction. Beginners are not acceptable at such a surf spot, their place is at the top, in the cafes, where you can watch the professionals and enjoy the wonderful scenery and magical sunsets.

Улувату - серф-спот на Бали


On the southwest of the island there is a large reef. Depending on the tides here is a number of spots.

Secret – the southern peak. It includes a variety of waves to all tastes. Long and short, sharp and slow, even with tubes. This is the least crowded place of all the spots on Uluwatu. That peak works at any water! Just paddle and get it!

Улувату - серф-спот на Бали


Temples – this spot works from medium to high tide within a slight swell. Long, almost perfect waves for maneuvers and tricks, with world-class barrels.


The Bombie – the waves here break away from the shore. Serious wave starts when the swell for the Temples becomes too large. For this gigantic barrel you will need a gun. And the most important rule is not to fall, due to its unfriendly reef, shellfish and other bottom dwellers.



The Peak – depending on the swell, the water runs from the midium to lower tide, fun waves, ideal for maneuvering.



Outsidecorner – works at a low tide and big swell. With some of the most beautiful waves on the planet. Huge long walls, massive tunnel, the speed here is comparable only with the motor racing.

Uluwatu: outside corner


Racetrack – has a very long wave, the main feature – it is creases in height, plus makes the pipe. The choice is wide here, you can practice tricks or get into the barrel. Ideal from medium to low tide.

Uluwatu racetrack



  •  A beautiful spot with clear water and turquoise lagoons
  •  A lot of peaks
  •  Sharp, fast waves


  •  Crowds of people
  •  A sharp reef and sea urchins



In addition to 6 main spots, there are many other peaks. Uluwatu is suitable for advanced level of surfing. At a small swell our students enjoy surfing at Uluwatu.