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Jimbaran bali surf spot

Jimbaran – Bali surf spot for a big swell.

When it comes to a big swell, the Bali waves rise up to 3 meters. And teaching surfing in Kuta, Canggu and other surf spot is not that easy. But our students can practice in a new place, Jimbaran which is awesome in a big swell. Of course, Jimbaran with its features can be tough, but if you choose the right time, you can really enjoy surfing!


Jimbaran is located in a closed bay and there are no waves during a normal swell. Luxury hotels are located here, and people usually swim and sunbathe. Silence, relax … But as soon as swell with all its strength comes to Bali, Jimbaran is waiting for us.

surf spot for big swell Jimbaran

This surf spot works at the low water. It is often divided into several peaks. Can’t choose the basic one. The waves are of right and left side, with good wall, but sometimes rapidly tapering off. Shore brake can be dangerous. The bottom is sandy, but there are small sharp rocks and shells, so be careful.

Jimbaran Bali surf spot fish restaurants

Jimbaran is perfect for beginners, it is the next step after Kuta. Here are gentle waves, which can even start from the foam as they gently close, and then form a new wave. Here you can fulfill turnings to learn to stay on the wave.

Jimbaran Bali surf spot

In the last three days our surf team led by Ketut, Luis and Komang went to Jimbaran with our students. We chose the best time for surfing. They came at the dawn to the spot and caught the first warm rays of the sun in the water. Throughout line up we were alone! At first, students were confused by the waves and the peak moved. But after the explanation of competent instructors, students without any help managed to catch the waves! Even Jimbaran can rejoice, if you know all its advantages and peculiarities.