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Приливы и отливы на Бали

What determines the right surfing lessons and what you need to know as a beginner.

Let’s recall the school time.

The earth revolves around the sun. The moon revolves around the earth. The sun is about 400 times further from the earth than the moon, so its influence on our planet is much weaker. Therefore, the main “generator” of the tides is the moon.

Bali tide chart

The Earth also turns around its own axis, that is why the entire surface of the planet is under the influence of the moon. The force of gravity forms two great tidal waves on our planet on the reverse and the opposite sides of the moon. A tidal wave moves in the wake of the moon and makes a complete rotation in 24 hours and 48 minutes. And as there are only two “humps” of the tide, the earth gets two  high and low tides.

Tide chart Bali (high tide and low tide in Bali)

Tide is a change of the level of water in the ocean. The maximum water level is called a high water (high tide), minimum – low water (low tide). Their change occurs in every 6 hours 12.5 minutes.

The difference in water levels between the tidal reaches a larger value twice a month, at the full moon and the new moon, as the moon and the sun are in one line to the earth, and their influence increases. At this time, there are strong currents, which is dangerous for swimmers and makes surfing more difficult.

Schedule of the tides in Bali (Bali tide charts)

There are free calendars with the schedule of the tides for the year and Bali surf forecast information in all of Bali surf shops (mostly Rip Curl, Billabong and West).

Tide chart Bali January 2017
Tide chart Bali January 2017

How to use the tide chart

The values ​​are given in meters. The maximum and minimum water levels are noted with a star. It is logical that the greater the value is in the table, the higher is the water level, which provides safer surfing. For example, in Kuta, which works as a surf spot mainly at the high tide, for those who are learning to surf the water level should be at least 1.5 m. Then the waves are flat and close slowly.

There are other factors that affect the quality of the waves, but this is in our next article.